Freud 165mm x 20mm x 40T Wood Circular Saw Blade

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The Freud Wood Circular Saw Blade is used to cut wooden materials such as hardwood, softwood, timber or chipboard. It offers a long lifetime and high cutting performance. Combined with the correct circular saw, the blade would be used by all trade professionals and some home DIY users. The blade is made from a premium steel body and a special rolled-in tension ring. This ensures the highest stability, accuracy and blade flatness. The flatter the blade the less material is wasted. The blade has high-quality, precision-ground carbide teeth and a Teflon-coating ‘Perma-SHIELD protection’. The protection and carbide teeth reduce the friction and prevents long term corrosion. The laser-cut expansion slots across the blade are designed to lower vibration during use. This dampens noise and prevents the blade from warping. It is compatible with plunge and hand-held saws. Supplied as a single unit.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Precision-ground Carbide Teeth – robust blade, offering maximum sharpness.
  • Teflon-coating: The Teflon ‘Perma-SHIELD Protection’ guarantees durable coating performance.
  • Steel body: Ensures high stability and accuracy.
  • Laser cut expansion slots – The slots lower vibration, which dampens noise and prevents the blade from warping.

Technical Specification:

Blade Diameter (mm): 165
Bore Diameter (mm): 20
Kerf (mm): 1.7
Blade Thickness (mm): 1.3
Tooth Count: 40.