Lenox 305mm 6TPI LUMBERWOLF Reciprocating Saw Blades for Nail Embedded Wood – 5 Pack – 20585156R

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  • Built Stronger. Cuts Longer.
  • POWER BLAST TECHNOLOGY™ INCREASES BLADE LIFE – High speed blasting along the cutting edge strengthens the blade to reduce breaks and increase durability*
  • LONGER BLADE LIFE & INCREASED VERSATILITY – Patented T2™ Technology reduces cutting forces on each tooth and optimises chip removal to allow efficient cutting in the widest range of materials.

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  • T2™ TECHNOLOGY – Tooth design delivers up to 2x the life versus previous model.
  • OPTIMISED BLADE GEOMETRY – Each blade has a unique configuration including an aggressive tang angle and tapered blade shape to allow for cutting in tight areas.
  • ENGINEERED FOR PERFORMANCE – Special design minimises friction and heat build up while cutting through the widest variety of metal materials.
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