DeWALT Powerstack USB C Charging Kit – 2 x 5Ah Powerstack Batteries

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  • Charges Dewalt Batteries as well as your USB C Smart Devices
  • Rapidly Charge your batteries – tools and phones
  • Also includes 2x 5.0Ah Powerstack Batteries

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This incredible versatile unit not only lets you charge your power tool batteries when connected to mains power, but will also charge your smart devices when away from the mains.

If your 18V or Flexvolt battery is running low, and you don’t have a charger to hand, this compact adapter simply slides on to the top of the battery, then via USB-C connection and mains connection, charges your battery.

If you THEN discover your smart device, such as phones or tablets need to be charged, simply remove it from the mains, plug your device in to the USB-A socket (just like at home), and then your 18V or Flexvolt battery will now charge your smart device up to 100W.

And if you need to keep moving while having your phone with you, the handy belt clip lets you carry the adapter with the battery attached with you so that you’re not away from your phone and can keep working.