Lenox Plumber Hole Saw Kit – 9 Piece – 1768436

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  • Material: Bi-metal
  • Hole Saws Size: 19, 22, 29, 38, 44, 68 mm
  • Fits Snap-Back Arbor: 2L, 5L

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Patented toothing, particularly sharp, long life and powerful in cutting various materials. A new thin kerf tooth configuration now stays sharper for longer. The Inside of hole saw is now unpainted to prevent timber plug fusion to the inner wall, thus providing up to 10 percent increase in the hole saw length compared to last generation range.

  • Faster and easier to engage/disengage hole saw
  • Prevents threads from stripping drives off pins, not threads
  • No tool needed prevents hole saw from locking on Arbor
  • No adaptor required standard Arbor threads directly into all hole saws
  • The bimetallic structure creates stiffened toothing that minimizes tooth mowing
  • Applications wood, nail-penetrated wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics and composites, metal, stainless steel, gypsum fiberboards, cement fiberboards
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