SIP 5-in-1 Air Conditioner – 05649

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The SIP 5-in-1 Air Conditioner 14,000BTU is a multi-purpose mobile air conditioning unit designed to effectively circulate cool and hot air to maintain a consistent temperature in a variety of indoor spaces.

5 low noise operating modes include cooling, heating, dehumidify, fan and automatic, offering year-round application use. An auto swing function helps to distribute air evenly.

For added convenience, a remote control allows easy navigation through the different operating modes and settings, while a front panel LED display indicates room temperature and is visible at night or in darkened rooms.

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Five powerful operating modes at high BTU rates for effective air conditioning

  • Cool Mode offers an adjustable target temperature down to 15°C (14,000BTU / 4kW).
  • Heat Mode has an adjustable output temperature of up to 31°C (10,000BTU / 3kW).
  • Dehumidifier Mode removes moisture from the air with max. capacity of 1.5ltr/hr (external collection required).
  • Fan Mode operates as a 3-speed cooling fan without engaging the climate control functions.
  • Auto Mode engages the internal temperature sensor to initiate either the heat, cool or fan modes based on the temperature parameters set by the user.

A timer, sleep mode and child lock function can also be selected.

Intuitive digital control panel allows easy navigation through modes and settings
The remote control provides additional user convenience.

Front panel LED display indicates room temperature and is visible at night or in darkened rooms.

Castor design allows unit to be easily moved and positioned between locations for use
Allows full movement in a variety of rooms and spaces for added flexibility.

Accessories supplied
An attachable 1.5mtr expanding air duct and window adaptor allows hot air to be discharged outside.

Applications & uses: Provides cool and hot air conditioning to indoor spaces. Humidity control using dehumidifier mode. Ideal for office, home and workshop environments.

SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty