ToughBuilt 2-Pack Autoloading Utility Knives with 50 Blades – TB-H4S52-20

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  • 5 x blade on tool storage compartment
  • Self loading for quick blade changes
    Retractable blade
  • Durable zinc housing
  • Ergonomic soft touch rubber grip


  • 2 x ToughBuilt TB-H4S52-20 Autoloading Retractable Utility Knife
  • 2 x 25 Utility Replacement Blades

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The ToughBuilt TB-H4S52-20 Autoloading Retractable Utility Knife Twin Pack are professional grade utility knifes designed to enhance efficiency and durability, making it a must have for any toolbox or workshop.

Each utility knife is equipped with a 5 x blade magazine storage compartment, conveniently located on the tool itself. This easy-open compartment allows you to access spare blades quickly and effortlessly, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

The TB-H4S52-20 autoloading knifes feature a self-loading design for quick blade changes.

With a durable zinc housing, these knifes are built to withstand heavy duty usage.

Say goodbye to time consuming manual blade replacements and embrace the convenience of the autoloading mechanism. Simply slide out the old blade and slide in a fresh one, all in a matter of seconds.

With an ergonomic soft touch rubber grip, these knifes provide comfort during prolonged use, reducing hand fatigue.

The set includes two packs of 25 utility blades, ensuring long-term use without the need for frequent restocking.

Revolutionise your work with the 5 x blade magazine storage, retractable self-loading mechanism and durable zinc housing.

Upgrade to the reliable and high performance ToughBuilt TB-H4S52-20-12 Autoloading Utility Knifes to experience quality in thwe workplace.