Stanley FATMAX 600mm/24” Box Beam Level

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The Stanley 43-624 is part of the FATMAX® Xtreme range, this spirit level is invaluable for precision levelling measurement in a multitude of jobs, with solid block acrylic vials provide best in class accuracy. Measuring 610 mm this level is easy to use and a simple way to maintain accuracy on the job. Constructed from a lightweight aluminium body and sturdy large ergonomic bi-material grips, this Xtreme level is five times stronger than standard Stanley levels due to its reinforced box beam construction. Magnified centre vail indicates when the bubble is centred showing the user that it is level, coupled with two barrel-shaped vials for vertical working.


Rubber moulded end caps protect the level even further if its dropped, which will maintain and prolong its accuracy. Accuracy is very important when ensuring objects are level, this spirit level provides a professional finish of 0.5mm/m.

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