Tracer Deep Pencil Marker – 6 x Leads and Holster

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The Tracer Professional Deep Pencil Marker is the perfect choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Featuring unique 120mm retractable, interchangeable leads, the Tracer deep hole pencil can mark through beams and joists easily. Ideal for marking Wood, Metal, Concrete, Ceramics & Plastics.

The Tracer Replacement Pencil Leads come in a protective case and feature 4 2B graphite and 2 yellow replacement leads. The 2B leads provide clear, dark lines and the yellow leads are designed for darker surfaces. Great for fine line, writing, and deep, dark marking lines.

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  • Ergonomic, comfortable finger grip
  • 120mm interchangable lead
  • stainless steel shaft
  • Belt/pocket grip
  • Built in pencil sharpener
  • Comes in a protective case
  • 2B Graphite or Yellow Leads
  • Sturdy 2B leads for clear, dark lines
  • Yellow leads for darker surfaces
  • Great for fine line, writing, and deep, dark marking lines
  • High grade lead for deep hole marking