Tracer Scribe Tool c/w Deep Hole Pencil and lead Holster

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The Tracer APST2 ProScribe is a multi-function tool with over 15 marking applications. Ideal for joiners, carpenters and kitchen and flooring fitters, this tool is a compact marking accessory which complements the Tracer Deep Hole Pencil (included). Uses include parallel marking, profile scribing, compass and much more. This tool is the most user-friendly and versatile scribe tool on the market. 

The pencil holder operates on a ratchet style mechanism with 16 fixed positions, when loosened sufficiently the pencil should click between set positions. Thanks to it’s unique 120mm retractable, interchangeable leads, the Tracer deep hole pencil can mark through beams & joists with ease. 

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  • 1x ProScribe Tool
  • 1x Deep Hole Pencil
  • 6x Replacement Leads; 4x 2B Graphite Leads For Clear Dark Lines, 2x Yellow Wax Leads For Darker Surfaces
  • 1x Carry Case


  • Pencil holder/articulation
  • Metal guide
  • Angle/spacing adjustment
  • Versatile adjustment
  • High quality, durable construction
  • Compact and easy to use


  • Lead Length: 120 mm