SIP 14″ x 40″ Starter Wood Lathe with Chisel Kit – 01458

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The SIP 14″ x 40″ Starter Wood Lathe with 3pc Chisel Kit is a benchtop wood lathe designed to shape, turn and sand wooden workpieces into various shapes and designs.

It’s a compact design and reduced footprint makes it suitable for small workshops and low-scale woodworking projects where workspace is limited.

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Four turning speeds for greater versatility and application control
Variable speed motor settings of 720 / 1240 / 1750 / 2150rpm.

High tailstock with locking nut for large turning capacity of longer pieces
Wide distance between centres of 1016mm.

Height from centre of lathe base 176mm, which enables a turning capacity of 350mm.

A quick release lever allows the tailstock to move easily along the lathe bed frame.

Headstock spindle size: 3/4″ x 16TP.

Open frame steel lathe bed is ideal for workshops with limited work space
Features screw locking holes for securing to the workbench when in use.

For added flexibility, the lathe can also be operated without attaching the frame together.

Once separated, the lathe can be easily stored when not in use.

Adjustable tool rest for maintaining control and positioning when shaping
Provides a stable platform for shaping tools, maximising woodturning versatility.

Quick release lever for easy movement along the bed frame.

Turning capacity over tool rest: 350mm.

Supplied with 3pc wood handle chisel kit for shaping, turning and sanding uses
Other accessories supplied include tailstock, drive centre and faceplate.

Enhanced safety features
A No Voltage Release (NVR) switch prevents restart should the mains power be interrupted.

Applications & uses: Suitable for shaping, turning and sanding wooden workpieces. Ideal for small woodworking workshops and DIY uses.

SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty