DeWALT Rechargeable USB-C Flashlight – DCL183-XJ

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  • 400 Lumen Floodlight
  • Magnetic Base + Hang Hook
  • Rugged Frame with IP54 Rating

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The DEWALT DCL183-XJ 3.6V Rechargeable USB-C Flashlight. Handheld yet powerful and highly robust, this flashlight is ideal for tradespeople on the worksite or DIY experts in tough environments. There are three modes to choose from (Spot High/Spot Low/Flood) so you can adapt to any conditions and switching between them is easy via the side button. At the highest mode this flashlight can emit 1200 lumens with a colour temperature of 4500k to provide good coverage of the working area. The flood setting comes out of the side which further enhances the coverage of light.