Trend 12 Piece 1/4″ Shank TCT Router Cutter Set – SET/SS8X1/4TC

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  • Ideal starter / entry level set for smaller 1/4″ collet routers
  • Supplied in plastic carry case.
  • Contains a range of the most widely used cutters for decorative woodworking.
  • For softwood, hardwood, chipboard, plywood and MDF.
  • Includes seven self-guided cutters for decorating edge moulding of straight and curved components.
  • Includes: Two Flute 6.3mm & 12.7mm, Guided Rebater 9.5mm, Guided Trimmer 12.7mm, ‘V’ Groove 12.7mm, Guided Round Over 6.35mm, Guided Round Over 9.5mm, Guided Roman Ogee 4mm, Guided Chamfer, Guided Cove 6.3mm, Core Box 6.35mm & Dovetail 12.7mm

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