Rubi DOUBLE Suction Cup for Rough Surfaces RM – 66952

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With the evolution and increasing presence of large-format tiles, the use of suction cups is increasingly necessary.

The formats of tiles are increasing in size, so the use of suction cups as an auxiliary tool is gaining more and more importance. The greater presence in the market of rough finishes and above all, the structured or textured ones, forces the professional to use more specific tools.

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Product highlights

  • Injected aluminum body. Greater ROBUSTNESS
  • Ergonomic polypropylene handle for FASTER and SAFER handling.
  • Metal reinforcement in lever base for greater resistance to traction.
  • ERGONOMIC Polypropylene handle, for a FASTER and EASIER handling.


  • It adapts to any surface finish.


  • Suction cup for maneuvering of materials with rough and / or slightly structured surfaces.
  • Suction cup for the manipulation of large format and weight ceramic tiles.