DeWALT 18v 1/2″ Compact High Torque Impact Wrench – DCF894N-XJ

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18V XR 1/2″ Compact High Torque Impact Wrench (450Nm) – Bare

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  • All-new 18V BRUSHLESS XR Compact High-Torque Wrench featuring Precision Wrench™

  • Powerful fan cooled motor delivers up to 447 Nm of torque and 3100 impacts per minute for heavy duty fastening applications

  • At just 178mm long and weighing only 1.5kg, the tool retains power whilst being compact enough to get into tight spaces

  • 3 mode settings (Low, Precision Wrench™, High) for optimal control over fastening applications, reducing the risk of damage to material, accessories and components

  • “Low mode” runs at a slower speed in forwards for more delicate fastening applications, but runs at full speed in reverse where high torque is less of a problem.

  • Precision Wrench™ in forward runs the fastener up at full speed until the tool starts to impact. As soon as this happens the tool pauses to allow the user to stop, then impacts at 3100ipm if more torque is required.

  • Precision Wrench™ in reverse impacts at high speed to loosen the fastener. Once the tool senses that the fastener is loose, it slows down to prevent running the fastener off.

  • High speed offers full speed in forward and reverse

  • 1/2″ (13 mm) square drive with detent pin allows for more efficient torque delivery and excellent socket retention

  • Bright white LED located on foot of tool with delay feature for improved visibility and flashlight functionality

  • Comfortable rubber XR grip and switch for greater application comfort and maximum control Up to 813Nm of “breakaway” torque for stubborn bolts


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